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Unrivaled Wrought Iron Fencing Installations

With a linear, strong, functioning wrought iron fence from Affordable, you can truly make a majestic statement on your own property! Iron fencing is one of the most decorative types of fencing available; offering both the Gothic, almost Spartan, spear-like top, and the classic flat to fit your unique taste. What is more, wrought iron fencing gives you more flexibility for artistic expression, as it can be easily heated, shaped, and twisted into fantastic designs before the installation process even begins.

In the past, wrought iron fences were synonymous with wealth, class, and exceptional taste. Today, in Northern California, that ideal still holds true. Affordable Fence installs hundreds of wrought iron fences every year for homes and businesses that want to stand out and make the right impression. Wrought iron helps them to become unique centerpieces in their respective neighborhoods, market areas, and industrial locations. People are always inclined to call attention to these creative fencing installations, and passersby marvel at their craftsmanship.

Best of all, the only limit to your custom wrought iron fence, or gate installation, is your own imagination. Our trained professionals at Affordable Fence will work with you to choose the very best designs for your specific setup, provide you with a FREE estimate then install everything for you down to the smallest detail. We pride ourselves on your satisfaction and will ensure you get the right piece installed, quickly and efficiently. 

For more information concerning our wrought iron fencing, or your personalized installation, please contact us at Affordable Fence, 209-948-4415.