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Field Fences Protect Your Investments

Field fences are the perfect accent for any farm, ranch, or property belonging to a purveyor of livestock. Barb wire, chicken wire – whatever your outdoor needs may be in order to fence in your important, roaming investments, a field fence can provide essential space and security.

And Affordable Fence has all the products you need to get the installations done right!

Think about it. Without field fencing in abundance, your animals could wander off, become injured, or even fall victim to roving predators. Field fences act as a protective, affordable barrier that keep your cows, horses, chickens, and sheep inside and safe, while keeping pesky wolves, coyotes, and other intruders out. Field fencing is not only affordable, but able to be customized to your needs too. Simply call us, and we’ll come to you with a full range of product options; designed to make your boundary problems a thing of the past.

Being based in Stockton, CA, we here at Affordable Fence are familiar with the various types of terrain, and the perfect field fences to match them. We will come out to your location, provide you with a FREE assessment then install a long-lasting, high-quality field fence that you won’t ever have to worry about.

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